On this page, we collect released versions of OpenSpace. Currently, these are prereleases that have not been widely distributed, but they will be joined by regular beta releases later this year. All releases in here are executables; if you are looking for the source code, you can find it in our GitHub repository.


These are alpha releases that we provided for numerous special occasions. While they are tested on multiple platforms, instabilities might occur and the user experience is far from perfect.

Name and Link Version Release Date
Prerelease-14 Version 0.9.0 2017-07-20 This prerelease is a collection of features that have been developed since the last public prerelease version.
Prerelease-7 Version 0.2.0 2015-07-08 This prerelease was published for a global, networked event in celebration of New Horizon’s closest approach to Pluto.
Prerelease-5 Version 0.1.0 2015-05-14 This prerelease was published for the Pluto-Palooza event held at the AMNH in New York.