Rolling and Roving

Jonathan: This week I’ve continued to work with the interaction class for touch input. The sensitivity of the input now works better in globebrowsing and a lot small bugfixes with the camera movement has been fixed. The user can now roll the camera by circling multiple fingers on the touch surface as well as zooming and rolling can now be done simultaneously.

Rickard and Michael S.: The focus of last week was to refactor the rover terrain model/path code and also create a script for automated download and assembly of the rover terrain models. We also implemented a more dynamic loading of the models and textures by giving a path to a folder instead of a path to a specific file.

Michael N. & Oskar: Last week we managed to get the download manager to work with the fits reader, we can now load images from CCMC’s servers and read them directly from memory. Also, field lines can now be rendered in the correct reference frame depending on the model, using Kameleon’s tracer.

Gene: I got a new feature working for grouping, so that multiple properties can be changed with a single command. This still needs more test cases, however. I just got started on the task of getting OpenSpace to run on a Evans & Sutherland multi-projector system. We just got a new AMD GPU that Matt and/or I will try running OpenSpace on.