SCI Utah!

On February 2nd and 3rd a group of OpenSpace developers and project leaders met at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI) at the University of Utah to plan out our activities for the coming year.

Over those two days there was a lot to discuss. After hearing reports on current status of functionality, software, and site reports, we had progress reports on specific developments for the past year, specifically dynamic scenegraph rendering (Emil), globe browsing (Alex), and atmospheric effects and integration of the Digital Universe catalog (Jonothas). Alex and Eric reviewed our development process and branching practices. We then had a productive discussion of GUI design, along with demonstrations of the GUI in two related products, DigiStar and UniView.

On the second day we had a demonstration of OpenSpace running on the PowerWall at SCI (and celebrated the fact that we’d found and fixed the cause of recent performace issues). In the afternoon we all got together to map out the work for the year, broken down into “Milestones” (often associated with future events) and the “issues” needed to achieve these milestones. These are now all visible on our GitHub site. There’s now lots to do, and we’ve all started doing it.