Adding documentation after ASTC

The developers have been working a lot since the last post here, but not saying much about that. We’re trying to get back in the habit of letting people know about our progress (and problems).

This week has been focussed on merging the different feature branches that were used for the ASTC conference — globebrowsing and osirisrex — back into the develop branch. In addition to that, there were a lot of preparations for both the ASTC conference as well as the annual culture night in Norrk√∂ping, during which we presented OpenSpace to a sold-out house. Besides this, there was more work to be done on preparing documentation with Emil. We are now set on a path for easier use and I hope you will like it!

This week, I’ve been working on improving the look and feel of the documentation of our lua interfaces, to make it easier for newcomers as well as experienced OpenSpace developers to get an overview of our APIs. The documentation is generated when OpenSpace launches, and is written as html files into the documenation folder. I used Handlebars.js for templating, which makes it easy to change the structure of the documentation, and the css-library Bootstrap for styling.

Now that we’ve moved the main project site to the new server, I’ve been looking at the system we use for nightly builds, Jenkins. Alex had already set it up, so I started by understanding what he’d done, and then making some small adjustments. We’ve added a Mac node, so I’ve been working with Gene to try to get builds working on that as well (but it’s not working yet). I’ve also started looking at how we can package up OpenSpace for wider distribution, including our upcoming Buildathon at the AMNH. We’ll likely use Wix to make an MSI installer for Windows, but before that is working we may just put together some zip files that can be unpacked and dropped into place, just to get started.