ISI user meeting at AMNH

Alex: All of this week was focussed on preparing work for the OpenSpace ISI user meeting happening at AMNH in New York. These fixes consist of cleaning scene files, reenabling the unit tests, preparing a Juno presentation, and other various fixes.

Eric: These past few weeks I’ve been working on building OpenSpace on my Mac, and to learn more about the layout of the source code I made it a bit more challenging by requiring that I build everything from source instead of relying on brew. It almost worked, but it appears that the current distribution of freeimage cannot be built on a newer Mac from the source package distributed by their project. Meanwhile, I was asked to join the ISI partners meeting at AMNH and to demonstrate the software on Mac and Windows, and just in the nick of time I was able to get it all to build (using brew for libraries as needed) on my Mac. And it’s a good thing I did, because the hands-on demo turned into an impromptu install-fest, attempting to install a working copy on several Macs so that our ISI partners could take home a copy. It worked for one machine but failed for two others; and again I learned a lot from the process. I think (or at least hope) it also communicated to them where we are in the development process (it works, but isn’t easy to distribute it yet) and how willing we are to help them get it working. It’s clear that some further effort is needed to package up the executable into a Mac app that one can simply drag to the Applications folder, so that we can get it out to more people to test on more machines and more graphics cards. And similarly, we need to package it up on Windows as an installer to get it out to more Windows machines. I’ll be looking into this next.