Alex: This week was focussed on presenting OpenSpace at the International Planetarium Society conference in Warsaw, showing off the combined work by the team. It was a great success and we had many useful discussions about future collaborations.

Michael & Sebastian: Our work on the iSWA integration is getting closer to its end, and we are making our final touches. The last week we have been improving on the methods for data processing before render and analyzed them. We have also continued the refactoring and bugfixing and presented our work to our Stakeholder at the NASA/LWS Heliophysics Summer School. This resulted in some feedback that we will attend to next.

Erik & Kalle: During the week of IPS we have been focusing on adding the ability to include new types of datasets. To visualize Mars we have been using AMNH’s local datasets. The CTX mosaic of mars images can now be rendered together with the Mola height map of Mars. We have also added a monitoring class that is used to track internal data and output it as CSV which is visualized using D3.