Alex: This week was focussed on preparing for the IPS conference in Warsaw, in which we are going to have a 1h presentation to talk about OpenSpace. The bulk of the work was to integrate Emil’s, Michael&Sebastian’s, and Erik&Kalle’s work into a single branch and getting it all working together. Also, Matthew and Gene were visiting us in Norrk√∂ping to get ramped up on the project and I’m looking forward to a fruitful future!

Erik & Kalle: The most valuable progress this week has been mainly two things. First is the performance increase due to the change of caching OpenGL Uniform IDs instead of querying them by strings for every draw call. The second is the implementation of a new class DebugRenderer which is used to render vertices in clipping space. This renderer is used for rendering bounding boxes and bounding polyhedra for chunks, which has been useful for visual proof of concepts and debugging. We also tested the globe browsing feature in the Hayden Planetarium with great success. After three hours in the dome we found one bug that could easily be fixed the day after.