Alex: Ramping up for next week’s keynote presentation at EuroVis in Groningen and the following big presentation at IPS, I was fixing the small issues that have been left lying around so far. The 67P model now doesn’t disappear anymore during projections, it is easier to switch between high and low resolution textures for the New Horizons case, reenabling multi-viewport rendering. However the big part was a redesign of the image projection method. Now, all projections are stored into a separate layer, which makes blending and clearing a much more trivial task. Along these steps, the image projection for planets and models alike has been factored out into a common ProjectionComponent element.

Erik & Kalle: We spent more time working with different layers of datasets. Layers can be turned on and off from the gui and the shaders will recompile dynamically to account for the number of layers used in the rendering. We also created a class to handle temporal datasets such as the daily corrected reflectance map datasets of earth provided by GIBS. The textures can now be blended between different levels to avoid some of the popping artifacts that appear when the chunked-lod tree is updated.