Alex: This week was rather slow due to a visit to the SIGARD conference. However, I managed (with some help) to integrate the height map into Pluto and Charon. So now we can fly across the surface more realistically.

Kalle & Erik: We can now deal with sparse datasets. When a tile is unavailable due to missing data or IO error, this knowledge will be kept track of by the TileProvider, and a transformed parent tile will be used instead. The InteractionHandler has been refactored to be more modular. Besides the regular orbit interaction mode, a speicifc globebrowsing interaction mode considering the ellipsoidal shape of a planet were also implemented. To reduce precision errors, all interaction logic and matrix arithmetics are now done with 64 bit floating point precision. This theoretically yeilds a micrometer vertical resolution at the surface of Earth, instead of the larger-than-meter quantization given by 32 bit floating point arithmetics. Tiles are now rendered with skirts to avoid cracks between tiles of different level in the chunk tree.