Alex: This week nothing of great importance happened on the code base from my side. Being busy on a conference spreading the good word about the existence of OpenSpace and continuing the work on fixing the image rotations.

Eric: The semester has ended here and final exams have been graded, so I expect to have more time soon to work on OpenSpace. I’ve started learning how to use CMake and working toward getting the code to build on my Mac, with Windows to follow. I intend to document this as I go to help any new developers we may attract or add.

Emil: This week I have been working on conversion tools for between volumetric data formats, and a volumetric rendering of the Milky Way galaxy.

Erik & Kalle: This week was spent mainly on debugging our view frustum culling, tile fetching, height map scaling and texture data types were tackled. We have also started looking at solutions for rendering tiles with multiple texture layers. This will probably be solved with recompilation of shaders depending on the number of textures to sample from.