Alex: I cleaned up the data directory and sorted the different scenegraphnodes into folders grouped by their respective missions.  Unused, old folders were deleted in the process.  Furthermore, I started working on reviving the image projection on Rosetta and fixing a bug with inverted textures.

Erik & Kalle: It is now possible to specify GDAL config files for the tile datasets to use for both height mapping and color texturing of a planet.  Using GDAL RasterIO, we are now fetching arbitrary pieces of the datasets in a simple manner.  In order to enable efficient caching, however, we have specified our own tile scheme for carving out specific tiles using the GDAL interface.  Our standardized tiles matches 1:1 with ChunkNodes and provide aa efficient way of client side caching of tile data.

Michael & Sebastian: Last week we implemented support for loading images from a url in ScreenSpaceImage which led to a few new design choices in the iSWA module and DownloadManager as well.  We are currently waiting to get test data of the ionosphere to work with, and in the meantime we have started writing our final report.