2016-05-03 – Marching on

Alex: This week was, once again, focussed on cleaning up the code base. The static startup scripts have now disappeared and were replaced with Lua functions which are defined in the respective scene files. This allows us to finally use different keybindings etc for different scenes. Otherwise, I have been continuing to work on implementing Keplerian orbit definitions.

Michael & Sebastian: This last week we have done a litte bit of this and a little bit of that. We’ve achieved some bugfixes in screen space renderables, some cleanup, wrote some Lua scripts for creating screens space renderables and iSWA cygnets, fixed the fieldlines module, worked on the colormapping for the rendering of data, benchmarking, implemented groups for iSWA cygnets (so that you can manipulate more than one at a time, keeping them synced) and some other smaller things. Last Friday we took a half-day to visit Erik and Kalle in New York over the weekend.

Erik & Kalle: Enhanced file structure in globe browsing module. Planets are modeled using a 3-radii ellipsoid instead of a pure sphere. Doing this we can for example accurately model Earth using the standardized WGS84 ellipsoid. Added templated classes ConcurrentQueue and ConcurrentJobManager and are currently used for tile loading in a separate thread.