2016-04-26 – Progress I Say!

Alex: This week was mostly focussed on smaller changes and bugfixes, like removing SPICE dependencies from code that should not depend on it, writing a script that will download all of the LORRI images for New Horizons from the science webpage, and I started working on implementing Two-line elements sets and orbits based on Keplerian elements.

Erik & Kalle: This week we included GDAL as an external library and tried it out for loading local datasets. A simple proof-of-concept tile provider was implemented and used for rendering tiles of different resolutions. We used an open real-time dataset (NEXRAD Base Reflectivity) which provides a tiled heatmap of precipitation (water/snow/hail) in the atmosphere over the United States.

Michael & Sebastian: The past couple of days we have focused on rendering 2D magnetosphere data from the SWMF model on planes. This came with some issues regarding the processing of this data. Rendering the data as a texture, as is, makes it really hard to distinguish the interesting aspects of it. Because of this we’ve been experimenting a bit with different ways to normalize and process it, and we are now looking at the colormapping part. The processing needs to be kept computationally low to be kept at an interactive rate, which also needs to be investigated moving forward.

We have also talked about new features, regarding rendering fieldlines around our planes and rendering 2D Ionosphere data on spheres.

Niclas: Working on the new camera matrices. Starting to look into the math behind the numerical errors.