2016-04-05 – Working-working-working

Alex: After finishing with the deadline last Thursday, I’m finally free to put some more effort into the development. Currently, I’m preparing for the presentation of OpenSpace next week at the International CCMC workshop in Annapolis, where we will show off some of the cool features to the Space Weather community. Very exciting!

Emil: I have received high-resolution volumetric data of the Milky Way from Jon Parker, the Lead Technical Director of the space show Dark Universe, produced at AMNH. The data set contains 8096x8096x512 voxels originating from a simulation. I am working on integrating the data into OpenSpace, and investigating how we should handle pre-processing of large volumetric data sets like this one

Erik & Kalle: We talked to Lucian Plesea over Skype regarding the use of GDAL in OpenSpace to handle queries and transformation of map data. We are also aiming at implementing simplified versions of two methods in parallel and compare them once they are done: Chunked Tile tessellation using quad trees and Ellipsoidal ClipMaps. A basic class structure around the existing planet rendering structure has been designed. A general Geometry class, a GridGeometry subclass, and a DistanceSwitch class have been implemented so far.

Michael & Sebastian: Last week we started to work with the iSWA api to get cygnet images in runtime. For the moment these cygnets provide no metadata so we use screen space images to show them. The images are updated with respect to the time in OpenSpace. We will soon get new iSWA cygnet types that comes with metadata that will allow us to place them in the world.