2016-03-29 – Getting into a rhythm

Alex: The past month for me has been preoccupied with preparations for an upcoming (unfortunately not space-related) paper. So all of my last week’s work was spent on meetings and coordination.

Emil: The antialiased abuffer + framebuffer renderers with volumetric renderering support are now merged into develop. On some machines, there appears to be an issue with the antialiased abuffer, causing triangle borders to be rendered incorrectly. I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my own machine yet, but this problem is one of my top priorities for the coming weeks.

Erik & Kalle: We have had long discussions on pros and cons with different tesselation methods and map formats. It seems like a tile based mesh rendering is what is mostly used nowadays for large scale planetary rendering. We have also had a lot of discussion regarding floating point precision errors and how it partially can be solved with a scale graph approach. Together with the other team members we have decided to ignore the scale graph related problems for now and assume that the planets origin is in their respective center. Local elevation probably need to be done in camera space.

Michael & Sebastian: For the past week we have experimented with interpolating 3D model data and generating a 2D slice for a plane. With one of the models we can extract the correct metadata to place and orient the planes correctly.