2015-07-10 – Ready to lift-off

Alex: In preparation for the New Horizons flyby at Pluto on July 14th, we wrapped up most of the coding and started extensive testing with the various sites that participate in the event. What programming there was was focused on various bug fixing, fixing memory leaks, and a slight redesign of the way the origin and the current coordinate system is chosen.

Joakim: The last two weeks have been extremely busy (which is why i failed to produce a blog post last week) and great progress has been made with OpenSpace. During the past two weeks we have performed remote networking tests where we connected to Hayden Planetarium, New York, and ran OpenSpace in a remote session setup. Extensive amounts of stability testing has been performed, and as a result of the tests many bugs have been fixed and memory leaks carefully plugged 😉 I have also redesigned and reimplemented the network communication protocol and message handling in an effort to make it more stable. Right now everything seems to run smoothly and stable, even during pressure tests, and I am focusing on our big ‘New Horizon’ event next week. Super excited!