2015-06-26 – Saying goodbyes

Alex: More work on the Launcher in terms of cleaning up the CMakeLists file and dealing with threading priority on Windows. The rest of the last week was busy with preparing both a poster presentation about OpenSpace as as well as a paper revision to our biggest visualization conference IEEE Vis. Finger’s crossed!

Joakim: Past two weeks I’ve spent fine tuning the remote-communication protocol and functionality, implementing new messages and message-types as well as improving overall stability.
I’ve also created a simple module for Spout (http://spout.zeal.co/) integration with the intention of making it easier to install and run OpenSpacein new locations.

Anton: Wrap up time! A Rosetta movie I just made with screen captures from OpenSpace can be found here: https://vimeo.com/131993576 . Thank you all very much for this time. Now it’s time for me to focus on writing the report!

Tomas & Emil: This week we got the Abuffer to work with our multi-resolution volumes! This means that we can render multiple intersecting multi-res volumes and geometries in the same scene. Next step is to merge this with the new data loader from Alex, so we can test our work further with real scenes. Hopefully we will soon receive 3D simulations of the space weather at the time when New Horizons flies by Pluto. If so, we may be able to insert the volume rendering into the NH scene created by the AMNH people. Many things will have to go really smooth in order for us to have it ready by the flyby of July 14, but let’s hope for the best!