2015-06-19 – Taking care of chores

Alex: I was doing many more works on the Launcher application this week. All downloads are now multithreaded so that they don’t block the main window thread anymore. Furthermore, the layout of the application has changed such that it will be easier for future-me to write a style sheet to make the application look pretty and that it is able to respect the path tokens that are set in the openspace.cfg file. A second big work package was helping with support for planetariums that we want to run in on July 14th. This meant writing more a verbose logging to find a particular error.

Anton: This has been kind of a scattered week from my part with three main tasks; adapting my recent work to the new modularized structure of OpenSpace. Preparing for and doing a demo of my work on 67P for a few guys at Evans & Sutherland via Skype and Screenleap. Last but not least also helping to reshoot some content for the NOVA PBS documentary.

Emil & Tomas: We have worked with changing the interface of the ABuffer to allow for custom volume rendering modules. This rewrite will make it possible to plug in our new multires-module, and have this working with both the basic volume rendering and geometries as well.