2015-06-12 One more month…

Alex: With the big Pluto encounter looming over all work, most of my week has been spend on core changes that no one will notice, but will make the future programming life much easier. Furthermore, I got a working prototype of the Launcher application working, full with individual file downloads, torrent support, as well as the capability to indirectly request files using the OpenSpace server. This distribution system allows us to roll out changes to the binary data files efficiently after the software has been distributed. Big files are distributes using the torrent protocol to ease our network a bit (and provide some more redundancy).

Joakim: The past week most of my time was spent working on other projects, there however some progress being made with the networking part and I also spent some time researching datasets for visualization.

Anton: This week my work station had recording duties at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratories between Tuesday and Thursday, where part of the NOVA documentary was shot. I did some work on the model projection and started to prepare my local branch for probably my last big merge on board next week!

Tomas and Emil: This week, we managed to refactor the multi resolution volume rendering to become a separate module in OpenSpace. However, since the volume rendering and the order-independent transparency (ABuffer) are algorithmically tightly coupled, it is not obvious which parts of the code that should live in this new module, and which parts that should live in the open space base, where the ABuffer is currently implemented. Making it possible to dynamically plug in logic into the ABuffer-resolve step from the volume and multiresvolume modules (and potential future volume rendering engines) could be an approach to structure the code. We will probably dive into this area during the next or following weeks.