2015-06-05 Remote Operations

Alex: I was spending this week on a short vacation, so the length of my laundry list for the release unfortunately went in the wrong direction. However, I managed to implement a feature that makes use the autodetected OpenGL version to pick the correct rendering method. Furthermore, I started work on a Launcher application that will handle automatic file downloads and synchronization.

Joakim: This week I’ve spent my time figuring out how to communicate and interpate camera movement across different clusters for our upcoming ‘parallel’ event.
Last week me and Alex went to template hell and back. While ther we picked up some nice interpolation functionality!

Anton: This week we had a run through of OpenSpace for the NOVA producers to discuss what shots to include in a upcoming documentary and a demo for the education department at AMNH. I gathered some images from the ESA Rosetta blog, matching them with time stamps I got a couple weeks back to try projection to my 67P model. I also spent some time planning what my priorities should be during the last few weeks of my internship.

Emil and Tomas: This week, we have attended some of the lectures at the Space Weather bootcamp hosted by the CCMC. We gained a lot of insights about the basic physics of space weather, and also how the forecasters work. We started merging in the modularization into our experimental-flareGL branch, and plan to finish that early next week. The CCMC staff held a presentation for representatives from NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation) and we showed demos from the OpenSpace project with very positive response.