2015-05-29 – Housekeeping + Progress

Alex: One more week was focussed on the backend of OpenSpace with more work being put into the modularization of functionality and the resulting necessary CMake cleanup. It seems to work reliably now with the current limitation of being restricted to static linking. Moreover, I embedded Visual Leak Detector and used it to fix about 1500 instances of memory leaks. Lastly, I started implementations on a better data distribution scheme for big data files that are necessary for modules. Including the curl library to handle http downloads works well, now it is up to investigating if we want to use the torrent protocol as well.

Anton: This Tuesday we did an interesting demonstration for a reporter of the NY Times in the LeFrak theatre at AMNH. Development wise I’ve been continuing the work of projection to .obj models and now believe I am fairly close to a general solution with some promising progress just last night, there is however still some unwanted behavior to be addressed.

Tomas and Emil: We managed to solve the problem with the near plane intersecting the volume bounding box, by constructing the intersection in the fragment shader. In the future we will be able to create an opacity falloff when getting closer to the camera instead of having a steep change in opacity. The rest of the week, we had many and long discussions about a new brick selection algorithm, which will be adaptive to the transfer function.