2015-05-22 – Settling back into a normal working mode

Alex: The first half of my week was almost entirely focused on code hygiene. Fixing many instances where OpenSpace would crash if certain files are missing; cleaning up the code that was responsible for recompiling shaders once they get changed on disk. In the second half, I jumped at CMake and started modularization of the OpenSpace code base. There will be independent modules that are compiled and linked independently to reduce the friction between different parts of the code base.

Joakim: This week I’ve started work on remote control and synchronization between different clusters. I’ve also spent some time looking into how o render a fake, but realistic looking, galaxy.

Anton: After a recuperating weekend I have now started experimenting with how to project images to modules that are not considered very well approximated by triaxial ellipsoids. The problems to solutions encountered ratio on this has so far been high but my hopes are still high that I will get it working over the next few weeks.

Emil and Tomas: We have now replaced the GPU based TSP traversal entirely with a brick selector living on the CPU. Each frame, we send a buffer to the GPU with instructions where to sample values in the atlas. This seems to have resulted in a 10 times speedup for some specific visualization setups. Next, we will try to solve the case where the near plane intersects the bounding cube of the volume, preventing the volume from being rendered.