2015-05-08 – Ramping up to a big prerelease

Alex: With the upcoming teacher’s release in full effect, my work was focussed on finalizing the Timeline GUI application and the Mac support. Some minor quarrels with Mac are remaining, but they will be fixed during the weekend. Last todo items on the list: Testing everything extensively and preparing distribution packages.

Joakim: This week I’ve had to spend time on other projects so development has sadly been mostly still for my part. Hope to get more done in the following week.

Anton: I am in the middle of preparing for the big presentation of OpenSpace at PlutoPalooza in the LeFrak theatre at the American Museum of Natural History next Thursday, May 14th. The work has so far been mostly testing the setup on different machines and deciding what to show and how to show it. I have however also been working on how the path is drawn to be able to show hour and 15 minute marks along the trajectory of New Horizons.