2015-04-03 – Happy Easter Workation!

Alex: For this week, I started investigating methods to deal with multiple installed graphics cards on a system. It seems like there is not much you can do unless you are on an nVidia Quattro card. Furthermore, I started the work of supporting Mac OS once again. Due to the current limitations of OpenGL 4.2, this will require some fall-back solution for the order-independent transparency.

Anton: The most interesting thing happening this week was a teleconference with some JPL/NASA people who have been working closely with the DAWN mission. They seem excited about what we are trying to do and want to help us as much as possible without spreading ITAR protected data. To be able to handle missing data intervals I have been digging deeper into SPICE kernel structures and the current positioning of bodies in OpenSpace. I have tried a couple of different approaches and have just implemented a simple interpolation method for when there is a gap. I have also been working on a way to define whether the existence of an object should be time dependent.