2015-03-27 – Timeline Scrubbing and DAWN

Alex: Nothing new this week again from my side. Just the growing wish to get back on the implementation train again and continue to contribute to the codebase in anticipation of the big July event.

Michal: Have been working on extending the ImageSequencer class with the capability of returning a set of images, so that we can skip in time. The new logic is to allow each class with projective capabilites to keep track of its own subset and do a check against a min-max range for each sub-subset, which should minimise lookup and reduce lag significantly. Also, this will facilitate the implementation of MVIC and allow support for an arbitrary amount of missions. Ultimately, I’m focusing on stuff that is most essential for the next programmer in line as I’m wrapping up to move over to work on the Explorer project.

Anton: Due to my lack of data on the Rosetta mission I decided to put that on hold and start looking at the Dawn mission. At first sight, the SPICE kernels seemed to cover the Vesta orbits but some random errors occured. After some research I found that the probe was actually rebooted and unavailable for a few short periods of time during the orbits. The temporary Dawn dummy model was devided into 3 parts, making the solar panels rotate separately from the body to be able to visualize aiming of the instruments and have the solar arrays face the sun to provide energy for the ion thrusters. I am currently considering options for handling periods of time where data is missing.