2015-03-20 – Paperplanets

Alex: Another successful work of working on the SciVis paper whose deadline comes closer and closer (March 31st). So noteworthy has happened this week and I hope to be back on the development track in April

Michal: Been working on the ImageSequencer class to make sure all images get projected. Problem is that the playbook (unlike FITS header files) contain no info about which target is actually aimed at, which at this point is necessary (might make own playbook). Tried setting up external application for slider. Other than that, been going over everything I know with Anton, outlined practical solution for how to project to arbitrary object and we discussed various ways of extracting the projection capability from RenderablePlanetProjection class.

Anton: I have looked into the creation of the planets, and introduced the triaxial ellipsoid shape to make the geometry of the bodies more accurate. I have also fixed the texture mapping of the planets to make the longitude axis align with reality and started looking at image projection to arbitrary objects which will probably be the main focus next week.