2015-03-13 – Return to Normality

Alex: I am currently caught up in writing a scientific paper for this year’s IEEE Vis conference, so I have not been able to work on many things this week. Among those things that I could do was preparing an FTP server for managing big data storage, as well as updating software on the webserver.

Michal: This week I have been stretched across many different minor tasks – polishing out the very last issues with the uv maps, prepping OpenSpace for the meeting with NOVA producers, and have started looking at how to write the time-interpolation for OpenSpace. Alongside this I have also been discussing with Anton various strategies on how to approach the modelloading, issues needing fixing and detailing out parts of my work and briefing stuff regarding general opengl functionality. On Wednesday during a screencapture session my machine suffered a disk failure and was set back a day, now with all the small task out im going to foucs on the timeline.

Anton: This week I’ve been examining a few existing models and SPICE kernels for Rosetta with mixed success finding suitable ones for OpenSpace and preparing for possible extension of our object loader. Together with Michal I have also been making small adjustments and preparing for a demo this Friday at the museum which turned out great!