2015-03-06 – Post-Deadline Stress Disorder

Alex: With the IMERSA deadline and demo behind us, it was time to pick up some of the hacked pieces of code that were created to make everything work and clean most of them up. Furthermore, to have access to more hard disk space (and more processing power), I moved this server from a virtual server hosted by the university to a dedicated, stand-alone server. A lot of work that will hopefully go unnoticed for everyone.

Joakim: This week there hasn’t been much development made. The week has been spent catching with my other projects which had been put on hold before our OpenSpace demo. Have had the time to ponder the upcoming scale graph thou!

Michal: With the many issues we’ve had with the geometry I decided to rebuild the model from scratch. The original had a multitude of issues, non-manifolds, lamina faces, 4-sided faces, edges with zero length, faces with zero geometry area, non-planar faces etc etc. With the rebuild we now have a lightweight model with good edgeflow, nonintersecting geometry and all one-part geometries are now logically fused. In essence, with all the bad topology gone the model has been reduced from 73 to 17 MB. Now on to UV-layout and texturing.

Anton: My first week on board have been spent on getting things running, loading a model for the 67P comet and creating its path. I still have not found data for the full trajectory but the result is satisfactory for the time period I do have.