2015-02-27 – IMERSA

Alex: Everyone has been very focussed on getting the demo at the IMERSA conference up and running. Among those changes on my ends have been mostly usability; adding new properties to change, adding an on-screen GUI for the live demo, and cleaning up and hardening the code base. Joakim and I implemented a temporary hack for switching coordinate systems until a proper mechanism is in place so that we do not run into floating-point precision errors.

Joakim: This week has mainly been spent performing hotfixes and testing the software for the demo this weekend. Amazingly satisfying to see it all come together and feel that we have a very nice piece of software to show off!

Michal: Intitially I began with changing the modelloader upon discovering that there are issues with the uv-coordinate mapping. The cause of the problem lies in the geometry itself as the model has been exported through 3 different softwares. Although now we have a modelloader thats capable of stringing together a set of geometries. Other things worked on: Image sequencing has been improved along with instrument switching, figuring out issues with the jupiter run along with various improvements to the fov class and fixing of the obj geometry.