2015-02-20 – First!

Alex: Most of my week was dedicated to either fixing the webpage, updating the build server, or cleaning up various code. In the rest I managed to include a rendering of the Milkyway as a backdrop as well as finally getting the Stars to render in a quality level that is acceptable. Additionally, we managed to test our setup not only on our dome in Norrköping, but also in New York (with success on our end and not-so-much success on the other side of the ocean unfortunately).

Joakim: Why can’t they just get along? Who would’ve imagined that network synchronization of multiple computers running at different frame rates could be such a chore. I can happily say that after almost a weeks hard work it finally seems as if all of the cluster is in perfect agreement and playing nice.

Michal: Examined the kernel timeline and determined where New Horizons captures data from Pluto and Charon. Added refinements to the image-sequencing class, FOV line draw and cleaned up a lot of the mod files. Also, fixed some issues with the playbook read and added functionality to read Hong Kangs pre-parsed playbook.